LarySeal Common Features


The LarySeal® range of Laryngeal Mask Airways have the following common benefits, which are incorporated into the ClearBlueMultipleMRI and Flexi.

laryseal circle1

Reduced Risk of Blockage

The deep design of the patient port reduces the risk of blockages by soft tissues. The open patient port allows for unrestricted use of an endoscope.

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Full Glottis View

The supraglottic airway device allows for a clear view of the glottis with the use of an endoscope.

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Printed Info on the Main Tube

Guidance for appropriate air volume and size is printed on the main tube, allowing for quick and easy reference.

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Clearly Labelled Packaging

Instructions for use are clearly shown on the packaging in both text and diagrammatic form.

Colour Coded LarySeal Cuff Inflator

The LarySeal® Cuff Inflator has clearly marked increments, each one specifically colour coded to match the size colour coding of the LarySeal® pilot balloon. Thus enabling easier and quicker identification of the correct measure for inflating the cuff of the LarySeal®.


LarySeal is a registered trademark of Flexicare Medical Limited.