General Anaesthesia


Flexicare provides a comprehensive range of products for patients undergoing General Anaesthesia - from induction through maintenance and recovery. With pre-oxygenation accessories, Mapleson and parallel circuits, catheter mounts, filters, masks, and much more, Flexicare offers clinicians all the options for optimal individual patient care.

All our breathing circuits have the following features:

Easy to Manage 

The double walled, 22mm M/15mm F patient end Y-Piece connector makes for ease of fitting to Filters, Catheter Mounts, ET Tubes, Laryngeal Masks, Face Masks or Elbows. Selected circuits feature a swivel Y-Piece for convenient positioning during anaesthesia and the improved design provides for optimum flow with minimal resistance.

Crush Resistant 

Flexicare has a full range of corrugated tubing in 22mm, 15mm and 10mm made of a flexible crush resistant co-polymer. Flow is maintained even when the tube is twisted through 180°. The lightweight system minimises ‘drag’ and pressure on the patient. The shallow tube corrugations minimise flow resistance and turbulence, ensuring the required flow rate is maintained.

Easy and Secure Fitting 

22mm Female serrated connectors provide a secure fit to the anaesthetic machine. The soft, lightweight and flexible material ensures a reliable seal while still allowing ease of connection and disconnection.

Sterile Circuits

Flexicare offers a number of sterile circuits. For for further information on our sterile circuit range and accessories, please contact us.


Circular (Closed) Systems 

A wide range of anaesthetic breathing systems are offered to match individual specific requirements. All systems are supplied with one spare 22mm M, 22mm M / 15mm F connector, allowing for most connection configurations.

BainSystemBain Systems 

The Bain Circuit uses a high fresh gas flow to deliver anaesthetic gases to the patient and to wash out the exhaled CO2

The Bain Circuit inner tube delivers fresh gases to the patient and the outer corrugated tube transports the exhaled gases. This system ensures there is no rebreathing of the exhaled gases when the correct flow rate is set, which is dependent on the patient’s minute ventilation.

Flexi LockSystemFlexi-Lock Systems

An expandable circuit for greater flexibility within the operating room or when patients are being transported. Flex-Lock tubing can be expanded to the desired length and configured to minimise dead space.

SmoothBoreCircleSystemSmooth Bore Circle Systems

The Smooth Bore tube reduces gas flow resistance and turbulence which may be associated with some corrugated tube circuits. The spiral reinforcement of the tube supports the patency of the inner lumen, ensuring delivery of fresh gas. 22mm F flexible connectors provide a secure and easy fitting to the machine.

ArgenticSystemArgentic Systems

Argentic is a range of anti-microbial breathing systems that combat microbial contamination within the clinical setting and reduce the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). Argentic breathing systems are impregnated with a silver ion additive which rapidly reduces the number of bacteria. When oxygen in the ambient air comes into contact with silver particles it creates a catalytic reaction which helps inactivate microbes.