Resuscitation - Introduction


Advanced Airway Management

Flexicare offers a full range of single use and reusable resuscitator bags in three sizes of Adult, Paediatric & Neonatal. All products are supplied complete with mask, reservoir bag and star lumen oxygen tube ready to use in a sealed transparent bag with easy tear-off opening. This will save valuable time in emergencies and critical situations.

Oropharyngeal Airways (Guedel)

Flexicare offers a full range of Oropharyngeal Airways for use as an adjunct to a Bag-Valve-Mask (BVM) on unconscious patients to establish and maintain the patency of the upper airway.

Reduced Risk of Patient Rebreathing

The integrated duck bill design of the non-return valve prevents patients’ exhaled gases to enter the resuscitator bag, providing one way flow of fresh gas from the bag to the patient.

Eliminate Lung Over Inflation

The Pressure Relief Valve supplied with all bags opens at 60cm H2O for adults. The paediatric and neonatal valve opens at 40±5 cm of H2O. The pressure relief valve can be locked when increased pressure is required. The adult size is also available without a pressure relief valve.

User Mobility

An integrated Double Swivel Connector allows the Resuscitator bag to be rotated fully through 360º without the need to stop bagging the patient and providing the most convenient position for the resuscitator.

Positive Grip

The outer textured surface of the Resuscitator Bags provides a positive grip during resuscitation. The design of the bags allow for ease of manual ventilation with least resistance and minimal hand fatigue.

Space Saving Design

The Adult Resuscitator is supplied fully assembled in a collapsible space saving format, which is easily and quickly extendible for patient use.

Supplementary Oxygen

The bags can be connected to an oxygen source to deliver supplemental oxygen. Oxygen concentration is dependant on flow rate, frequency and tidal volume delivered to the patient.