Heated Wire Systems Introduction


Flexicare’s low compliance ventilator breathing systems are a key component in the treatment of patients requiring mechanical respiratory support in both hospital and home environments. The full range of Single and Dual Heated Wire Circuits, in adult and paediatric configurations, addresses the needs of each individual patient.

Universal Fitting

Catheter Mounts, Endotracheal Tubes or Closed Suction Catheters.

Detachable Limbs

Convertible between Single and Dual limb for patient weaning.

Corrugated Tubing

Low compliance with high kink resistance.

Detachable Y-Piece

With MDI and Pressure Ports.

Integrated Tube Connector

Safe and secure attachment.


Low resistance to flow and reduced rain-out.

Heated Wire

Consistent heat distribution throughout limb.

Heated Wire

To deliver respiratory gas at optimal temperature and humidity to the patient, Flexicare offers a range of single and dual heated wire circuits. All heated limbs feature a double coiled heated wire configuration to provide consistent warming of the gas flow and limb wall to minimise possible rain-out.

The use of a Smoothbore expiratory limb has been demonstrated to reduce resistance and result in lower rain-out, whilst maintaining the required humidity and temperature.