Single Use Conventional Metal Blades & Handle


Flexicare offers a conventional illumination disposable metal blades and handles providing all the benefits in a single use form, negating the need for costly sterilisation.

True Macintosh Curve

Provides optimal view.

Halogen bulb

The distance from the bulb to the blade tip protects the patient from accidental burns, whilst providing a high level of illumination.

Cost Effective

The blade can be re-used for re-intubation of the same patient, eliminating the need for a new blade.

Clearly Visible Markings

Each blade is clearly marked as Single Patient Use, avoiding the possibility of confusion with reusable blades.

Low Profile Design

Reduces the risk of accidental pressure or damage to the upper teeth.

Reduce the Risk of Cross-Contamination

The conventional bulb disposable metal laryngoscope range is designed and manufactured for Single Patient Use.

Single Patient Use Laryngoscope blades are an economical option for routine intubations, saving time and labour by requiring no sterilisation, disinfecting or maintenance. Flexicare’s disposable laryngoscopes help eliminate concern of possible cross-contamination from vCJD, hepatitis, HIV and other infectious diseases.

Conventional Single Patient Use Metal Blades are available in all Macintosh sizes and can be used with either a reusable conventional handle or, for a total single patient use solution, with a disposable conventional metal handle.


040-431 Single Patient Use Metal Macintosh Blade No 1 10
040-432 Single Patient Use Metal Macintosh Blade No 2 10
040-433 Single Patient Use Metal Macintosh Blade No 3 10 
040-434 Single Patient Use Metal Macintosh Blade No 4 10
040-430 Single Patient Use Metal Handle 10