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LarySeal Flexi® is specially designed for use in ophthalmic, ENT, dental and other head/neck surgeries. The reinforced construction of the main tube allows it to be positioned well away from the surgical field, improving surgical access without compromising the seal. 

  • Sterile Packed
  • Medical Grade PVC
  • Single Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible Main Tube

Flexible Main Tube

The flexible main tube allows it to be positioned away from the surgical field, improving surgical access.


The main tube is reinforced with kink-free wire to eliminate the risk of airway tube occlusion.

Less Risk of Slipping or Dislocation

The satin surface finish of the LarySeal Flexi cuff provides a similar texture to silicone, whilst ensuring ease of insertion.

Universal Connection

15mm Male connector provides a universal connection.

Easy Indication of the Cuff Pressure through Pilot Balloon

Thin wall pilot balloon indicates the inflation of the cuff.

Colour Coded Pilot Balloon

Ease of identification of sizing by colour coded pilot balloons.

Learn more about LarySeal's features in our Education section.


LarySeal is a registered trademark of Flexicare Medical Limited.


038-94-520   LarySeal Flexi Size 2   10kg - 20kg 10
038-94-525  LarySeal Flexi Size 2.5   20kg - 30kg 10
038-94-530  LarySeal Flexi Size 3   30kg - 50kg 10
038-94-540  LarySeal Flexi Size 4   50kg - 70kg 10
038-94-550 LarySeal Flexi Size 5  70kg - 100kg 10


038-94-001  LarySeal Colour Coded Cuff Inflator  10