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The new generation mask for safe and effective airway management.

Symmetrical cuff and tube contoured to match the oropharyngeal anatomy for quick and easy first time insertion success.

Rapid and secure airway management, improved patient safety with gastric access to reduce risk of pulmonary aspiration, and fast and accurate ET tube placement with a unique guide system.

  • Sterile
  • DEHP Free
  • Single Use
  • Latex Free

Reduced Risk of Aspiration

Integrated suction catheter port for efficient removal of fluids and gastric contents.

Epiglottic Flap

Integral fenestrated flap protects from blockage with minimal increase in flow resistance, and elevates the epiglottis for easy, trauma-free ET tube or bronchoscope insertion.

Directed Intubation

Accepting a range of ET tube diameters, the guide system directs the tip through the vocal cords. 


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LarySeal is a registered trademark of Flexicare Medical Limited.


    Patient Weight (Kg) Size  Max ET Tube ID (mm)  Max Suction Catheter (Fr) Pack Size
038-94-830 LarySeal Pro Size 3 30Kg - 50Kg 3 7.5 16 10
038-94-840  LarySeal Pro Size 4 50Kg - 70Kg  4 8 18 10
038-94-850 LarySeal Pro Size 5 70Kg - 100Kg 5 8 18 10
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