BritePro Max

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Conforming to EN ISO 7376:2009 and compatible with all fibre optic blades, BritePro Max uses the latest in LED technology to provide a strong white light giving a clearer view of the larynx and a truer visualisation of tissue viability or lesions.

Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency of LED technology uses less power from the batteries than conventional halogen or krypton bulbs therefore reducing the need for frequent battery replacement. Delivers over 25,000 hours of light without the need to replace the bulb.

Compatible with all Fibre Optic Blades

BritePro Max is compatible with all fibre optic blades conforming to EN ISO 7376:2009 including BriteBlade Pro and reusable fibre optic blades.

Green System Identification

BritePro Max has the universally accepted colour identification green band to signify that the handle will fit fibre optic blade systems.


040-813 BritePro Max LED Standard Handle 1
040-814 BritePro Max LED Mini Handle 1
040-815 BritePro Max LED Stubby Handle 1
041-813 Replacement Light Housing 1