Fibre Optic Flexible Blades


Based on the standard Macintosh blade, the Flexible blade has a hinged tip operated by a lever mechanism. This elevates the epiglottis while reducing the amount of force required. A Flexible blade has been shown to improve the view during difficult intubations and in patients wearing cervical collars.

Rounded Tip

The blade features an atraumatic curved tip and rounded edges which reduces the risk of tissue damage.

Fully Autoclavable

The 100% stainless steel construction of the blade provides long life, ensuring long term usage even after repeated autoclaving.

High Quality Stainless Steel

Metal Encased Fibre-Optic Bundle for Durability


040-835 Fibre Optic Flexible Blade Size 3 1
040-836 Fibre Optic Flexible Blade Size 4 1