APL Valves


Flexicare APL Valves gives you control over the pressure in a semi-open Mapleson type Breathing Circuit for minimal rebreathing and reduced anaesthetic gas wastage. 

Lightweight to reduce drag and semi-transparent for visualisation of occlusions or blockages, Flexicare’s  ergonomic APL Valve design delivers many benefits:

- Clear Markings indicate position from open to closed.

- Ridges provide a secure grip even when wearing gloves.

- Ideal Cap Diameter for clear patient view and easy to manipulate.

- 180˚ Cap Rotation matches natural wrist movement.

- One-Way Valve protects from possible gas scavenging system back flow.

Expired and excess fresh gas escape (spill) from the breathing circuit through the APL Valve whilst controlling the system pressure to avoid rebreathing of alveolar gas.

Flexicare’s unique APL Valve design controls the release of exhaled alveolar and excess fresh gas to maintain a constant pressure in the breathing circuit. As soon as the pressure increases above the set level, the valve opens and excess gas escapes, reducing the pressure back down to the required level, when the valve will automatically close.

The simple mechanism produces a more linear performance, protects against over inflation of the reservoir bag and controls intrapulmonary pressure with minimal resistance to expiration. The maximum pressure settings of 60 cmH2O for adult and 35 cmH2O for paediatric valves protect the patient from pulmonary barotrauma.

The valve is supplied in the open position. Check flow in both open and closed positions. Depending on the fresh gas flow and type of breathing system used, adjust the APL Valve to a setting where breathing inflates and deflates the reservoir bag, without either over inflation or collapse.


Size Colour Coding Tidal Volume (Vt) Minimum Pressure Maximum Pressure
Adult Blue 150-2000ml 1 cmH2O 60 cmH2O
Paediatric Yellow 15-300ml 1 cmH2O 35 cmH2O