Patient Spirometry Kit


Flexicare Disposable Patient Spirometry Kits measure patient ventilation information, gas flow, volume and pressure dynamics for display on enabled GE Carestations® and Carescape® modules. Lightweight Adult and Paediatric sensor tubes, each with an option of 5 monitoring line lengths ranging from 2m to 5m, means a convenient size is available, whatever the breathing system configuration.

Gas Monitoring Port Cap

Ensures a secure seal should a sampling position closer to the patient be selected.

Colour Coded Manifolds

For ease of set-up - Blue for sensor tube and White for monitor module.

Monitoring Line Amalgamation

Reduces clutter, with the ability to separate the gas sampling line should extra reach be required at both the sensor tube or monitor module end.

Gas Sampling Line

Angled connector reduces risk of kinking and possible impingement against other equipment.


Tidal Volume 150-2000ml

Tidal Volume 15-300ml

Length Quantity
010-772 010-772 2m 20
010-773 010-793 3m 20
010-774 010-794 4m 20
010-775 010-795 5m 20
010-776 010-796 6m 20