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ThermoTrach™ Heat and Moisture Exchanger

Heat Moisture Exchanger (HME) for spontaneously breathing patients fitted with a tracheostomy tube.

15mm Female Connector

The standard 15mm connector is compatible with all tracheostomy tubes.

Anatomical Curved Design

The curved design follows the contour of the neck.

Self-sealing Suction Port & Integral Cough Vent

The airway can be cleared by inserting a suction catheter through the integrated self-sealing suction port. The port also acts as a vent that can open during vigorous coughing to allow thick mucosal secretions to be expelled, avoiding blocking of the airway.

Clear Construction

Clear housing permits visual examination for potential occlusion or accumulation of secretions which could block the airway.

Swivel Oxygen Connector

Supplementary oxygen can be provided by attachment to the ThermoTrach swivel oxygen connector which can be angled to the most convenient and comfortable position, reducing the risk of disconnection, kinking and drag against the patient.

The oxygen flows through the HME to be warmed and humidified before reaching the patient.


038-41-250 ThermoTrach Heat and Moisture Exchanger 50
038-41-255 ThermoTrach Tracheostomy Pleated Paper HME with 15mm Connector, with Cough Vent/Suction Port without Oxygen Connector 50
038-41-260 ThermoTrach Tracheostomy Pleated Paper HME with 15mm Connector, Swivel Oxygen Connector and Cough Vent/Suction Port 50