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CapnoCare samples EtCO2 during critical situations and can be used with a resuscitation bag for intubated patients, a laryngeal mask, or an anaesthesia face mask.

Universal Connections

The 22/15mm connectors can be used with ET tubes, laryngeal masks or anaesthesia face masks.

Hydrophobic Filter

The filter protects the capnometer from condensation and contamination.

Fixed Line

The pre-assembled monitoring line avoids the risk of accidental detachment and saves time in critical clinical situations.

Choice of Luer

Available in male, female and slip luer.

Improved Accessibility

3m monitoring line enables connection to the capnometer even when the patient is at a distance.

Capnography provides the following vital information:

  • Hypoventilation and hyperventilation
  • Confirming, maintaining and assisting intubation
  • Return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC)
  • Measures cardiac output and chest compression effectiveness during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

The European Resuscitation Council Guidelines for Resuscitation (2010)

Wavefom capnography is the most sensitive and specific way to confirm and continuously monitor the position of a tracheal tube in victims of cardiac arrest and should supplement clinical assessment and that this may also provide information on the efficiency of chest compressions and can give an early indication of return of spontaneous circulation”, that may be useful to guide the management of respiratory and/or circulatory failure.


010-750 CapnoCare Capnography Connector with 3m line & Male Luer Filter 10
010-755 CapnoCare Capnography Connector with 3m line & Female Luer Filter 10
010-760 CapnoCare Capnography Connector with 3m line & Luer Slip Filter 10


010-740 Luer Lock Disc Filter (Female - Male) 10
010-741 Luer Slip Disc Filter (Female - Luer Slip) 10
010-742 Luer Lock Disc Filter (Male - Female) 10