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Capnography and CO2 Monitoring

Capnography provides clinicians with instant vital information on the respiratory and ventilation status of a patient. Continuous monitoring of EtCO2 is recommended by the EBA, AAGBI, and ASA for all patients undergoing moderate or deep sedation and those recovering from anaesthesia. For use with side stream capnometers, Dual Mask not only provides EtCO2 monitoring, but also delivers simultaneous supplementary oxygen

The Dual Oxygen Mask provides continual monitoring of carbon dioxide exhaled from both the mouth and nose, whilst delivering supplemental oxygen to the patient.
The stepped positioning of the oxygen inlet and CO2 port means that during exhalation the oxygen is diverted away, ensuring a strong, reliable trace capnography trace.
The integrated oxygen and sampling line makes fitting the mask a quick and simple operation, but also avoids the risk of the accidental dissociation from the mask.

Dual Mask is available in Adult and Paediatric with different tube lengths, a choice of male or female leur connectors to suit all side stream capnometers, and the option of a protective hydrophobic filter, meeting all individual requirements.


032-10-131 032-10-130 Adult Dual Mask (2m) 50
032-10-133 032-10-132 Adult Dual Mask (2m) with Filter 50
032-10-133A 032-10-132A Adult Dual Mask (3m) with Filter 50
032-10-135 032-10-134 Adult Dual Mask (2m) with Nose Clip 50
032-10-137 032-10-136 Adult Dual Mask (2m) with Nose Clip and Filter 50
032-10-139 032-10-138 Medium Dual Mask (2m) 50
032-10-141 032-10-140 Medium Dual Mask (2m) with Filter 50
032-12-143 032-12-142 Paediatric Dual Mask (2m) 50
032-12-145 032-12-144 Paediatric Dual Mask (2m) with Filter 50