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DualGuard sets the standard in endoscopic practice – combining a bite block and detachable Dual nasal cannula, both with O2 delivery and CO2 sampling, for use throughout upper endoscopy procedures and recovery.

  • Comfort Rest Bite Block with O2 Delivery
  • Nasal & Oral CO2 Sampling Lines
  • Detachable Dual Nasal Cannula
  • Up to 20mm Diameter
  • LuerSafe Self-Sealing Connector

The Ultimate Endoscopy Patient Safety Solution

Simultaneous O2 delivery and CO2 sampling for patients undergoing upper GI endoscopy, in either a lateral or supine position.

Protection for Patient and Equipment 

Comfort Rest Bite Block fits securely in the mouth, protecting both endoscope and patients’ teeth without compromising endoscope manipulation.

All-In-One Kit

DualGuard incorporates: Bite Block, Detachable Dual Nasal Cannula, LuerSafe CO2 Monitoring Line, 3m O2 Tubing, and Adjustable Head Strap in one complete convenient kit. 

Care from Start to Finish

Detachable Dual Nasal Cannula continues to deliver O2 to both mouth and nose and samples CO2 from the nares in post-procedure recovery without the need for additional devices. 

Clinical & Guideline Compliance

DualGuard provides reliable O2 delivery and CO2 sampling in both mouth and nose breathers, improving patient safety and meeting current guidelines for consciously sedated patients. 3,4,5.

All-in-one DualGuard includes the consumables required for continuous O2 delivery and CO2 monitoring during and post-procedure – bite block, detachable Dual nasal cannula, 3m crush resistant O2 tubing, and adjustable head strap, avoiding the need for additional devices.

At the end of the procedure, Flexicare’s unique cap-less self-sealing LuerSafe connector automatically seals the oral CO2 sampling line on removal of the bite block, so monitoring can continue throughout recovery via the nares.


032-10-850 DualGuard Adult 3m Line with Female Luer Lock 25
032-10-855 DualGuard Adult 3m Line with Male Luer Lock 25
032-10-860 DualGuard Adult 3m Line with Female Luer Lock Filter 25
032-10-865 DualGuard Adult 3m Line with Male Luer Lock Filter 25
032-10-868 DualGuard Adult 3m Line with Slip Luer Filter 25

Supplementary O2 delivery to reduce risk of hypoxia & hypercapnia

Many sedated patients become significantly hypoxic during gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures,1 with oxygen saturation falling in some patients to dangerously low levels, risking hypoxia or hypercapnia. Supplemental oxygenation “exerted by far the greatest impact on the reduction of the incidence of hypoxia in gastrointestinal endoscopy.”2

Patient safety guidelines require CO2 monitoring 

International and national guidelines require that all patients undergoing sedation be monitored with continuous capnography,3,4 and capnography be available wherever any patients undergoing moderate or deep sedation are recovered.5


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