FCOT 40% Fixed Oxygen Delivery


FCOT provides a complete solution to the delivery of post-op 40% oxygen to adult and paediatric patients with a laryngeal mask and through the recovery process, enhancing wound healing and reducing the risk of infection.

No Rebreathing or Oxygen Dilution

The high flow of oxygen enriched air inflates the Indicator Bag and flushes expired gases out through the vents, eliminating the risk of rebreathing. During inspiration the Indicator Bag collapses preventing any dilution of the inhaled gas.

Visual Observation Of Spontaneous Breathing

Mist formation on the T-Piece and Indicator Bag inflation/deflation cycle provides visual verification of the patient’s breathing pattern.

Recovery Room and Ward

After removal of the supraglottic airway, fixed concentration oxygen therapy is continued for the remainder of the recovery period by replacing the T-Piece with the oxygen mask included in the kit. 

Cost Effective

The complete kit of 40% Venturi, T-Piece with Indicator Bag, Mask and Star Lumen Tubing provides a convenient and cost effective solution.



032-10-640 FCOT T-Piece with Indicator Bag 50
032-10-740 FCOT T-Piece with Indicator Bag, Aerosol Mask and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing 50
032-10-740A FCOT KIT T-Piece with Indicator Bag, Aerosol Mask and 3m Oxygen Tubing 50
032-10-741 FCOT T-Piece with Indicator Bag, Paediatric Aerosol Mask and 2.1m Oxygen Tubing 50