NeoCaire Infant T-Piece Resuscitation Circuit

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NeoCaire is a 1.5m long, 10mm diameter corrugated tube with a vent port on the angled patient end elbow and a 15/22mm Male connector for attachment to a neonatal face mask, ET tube or laryngeal mask airway. Manual ventilation is controlled by placing the thumb or finger over the vent port to inflate the lungs, and removing for exhalation.

Univeral Connection

Fits all common Resuscitation Units including Neopuff, Giraffe STAR, NeoPIP, and Giraffe and Resuscitaire platforms.

Improved User Comfort

Extended flat rim for effective vent port occlusion and user comfort during extended resuscitation.

Easy Set-up

Quick and easy set-up for rapid initiation of resuscitation.

Crush Resistant Tubing

Lightweight, flexible, crush resistant tubing that maintains flow even if twisted through 180°.

Accurate Delivery

Low compliance tubing with shallow corrugations for minimal flow resistance and accurate pressure delivery. NeoCaire can deliver 21% - 100% or free-flow oxygen.

For Use In Delivery Suites, Neonatal Intensive Care and Infant Transport


NeoCaire is a registered trademark of Flexicare Medical Limited, Neopuff is a registered trademark of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited, Giraffe is a registered trademark of General Electric Company, Resuscitaire is a registered trademark of Draeger Medical Systems, Inc.


038-02-221/1 NeoCaire Infant Resuscitation T-Piece Circuit without Adjustable PEEP 20
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