WyCath Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters

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Flexicare has an extensive range of intermittent catheters and meatal dilators for bladder drainage and stricture therapy. The Hydropllic Catheter is a sterile Hydrophilic coated catheter with a water sachet supplied in a range of tips.

Range of Tips

Catheters are available with a range of Soft tip, Tapered tip, Tiemann tip and Standard tip

Range of Lengths

Available in standard, female, and paediatric lengths meeting all patient’s needs.

Water Sachet

Easy to open water sachets for patients with dexterity difficulties.

Colour Coded

All catheters and meatal dilators are colour coded for easy recognition.


WyCath Hydrophillic Catheters - Standard Length (40cm)

  10ch 12ch 14ch 16ch 18ch
Soft Tip W2SM10 W2SM12 W2SM14 W2SM16 W2SM18
Soft Tip, 4 Eyelets W4SM10 W4SM12 W4SM14 W4SM16 -
Tapered W2TAM10 W2TAM12 W2TAM14 W2TAM16 W2TAM18
Standard W2M10 W2M12 W2M14 W2M16 -
Tiemann W2TM10 W2TM12 W2TM14 W2TM16 -

WyCath Hydrophillic Catheters - Female Length (18cm)

  8ch 10ch 12ch 14ch
Soft Tip W2SF08 W2SF10 W2SF12 W2SF14
Tapered W2TAF08 W2TAF10 W2TAF12 W2TAF14
Standard W2F08 W2F10 W2F12 W2F14
Standard Short (11cm) W2SH08 W2SH10 W2SH12 W2SH14

WyCath Hydrophillic Catheters - Paedoatric Length (30cm)

  6ch 8ch 10ch
Soft Tip - W2SP08 W2SP10
Tapered W2TAP06 W2TAP08 W2TAP10
Standard W2P06 W2P08 W2P10
Tiemann W2TP06 W2TP08 W2TP10
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Intermittent Catheterisation

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Intermittent Catheterisation

(Male) Guide



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Urethral Dilatation (Male)