High Flow Nasal Cannula


High Flow Oxygen Therapy (HFOT) delivers humidified O2 concentrations between 24% and 60% at flow rates up to 60 L/min to patients with mild to moderate respiratory distress syndrome or those being weaned off ventilator support. HFOT can be administered by either wide bore High Flow Nasal Cannulas (HFNC) or Ventimask. Flexicare’s comprehensive range of High Flow Nasal Cannulas (HFNC) offers many advantages when used in conjunction with humidification, including accurate delivery of high FiO2 and optimised mucociliary clearance, while increasing alveoli recruitment in a technique that offers improved patient comfort and compliance.

All Patient Groups

The colour coded range of seven cannula sizes provides an excellent match to the individual needs of all patient groups, from premature babies through to adults.

Secured Oxygen Delivery 

Star Lumen Tubing ensures the flow of oxygen is maintained even if the tube becomes kinked.

Adjustable Slider

Secure and comfortable fitting without the need for a head or neck strap.


The included adaptor provides a secure connection to both 22mm and 15mm respiratory limbs.

Soft Touch Tubing

Flexicare’s Soft Touch nasal cannula tubing is flexible and gentle on the ears and face, minimising friction and pressure on delicate tissues. At 35%, ears are the most common site for Medical Device Related Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (MDR HAPU)2.  Any reduction in the incidence of pressure ulcers not only improves patient experience and outcome, but also avoids additional treatment costs.

HFNC can deliver a broad range of oxygen concentrations and flow rates, providing versatility to adapt to a patient’s changing condition. Studies have shown that High Flow Nasal Therapy is able to deliver a modest amount of positive airway pressure and may provide a bridge from NIV to conventional O2 delivery devices1.


032-13-150 High Flow Nasal Cannula Premature 8 LPM 25
032-13-151 High Flow Nasal Cannula Neonate 8 LPM 25
032-13-152 High Flow Nasal Cannula Infant 8 LPM 25
032-13-153 High Flow Nasal Cannula Intermediate Adult 8 LPM 25
032-12-150 High Flow Nasal Cannula Paediatric 20 LPM 25
032-12-151 High Flow Nasal Cannula Paediatric / Small Adult 40 LPM 25
032-10-150 High Flow Nasal Cannula Adult 40 LPM 25

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