Veoflo High Flow Nasal Cannulas

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Veoflo® High Flow Nasal Cannula is designed to allow for a range of oxygen concentrations using variable flow rates at optimal conditions. The Veoflo® range includes a Tracheostomy Interface that is ideal for delivering high oxygen concentrations to spontaneously breathing tracheostomised patients during weaning from controlled ventilation.

Designed with Patient Comfort in Mind

Soft Nasal Prongs

Comfortable and well tolerated silicone prongs ensures patient compliance.

MRI Safe

Fully metal-free making Veoflo® safe to use in the MRI suite.

Contoured Nasal Prongs

Soft and anatomically formed nasal prongs conform to the individual patient to provide maximum comfort.

Universal Connector

Compatible with most heated wire breathing circuits.

Colour Coded

Quick and easy size identification.

Higher Flow Rates

Wide tube diameter delivers flow rates up to 60 l/min without increasing resistance.

Smooth Bore Tubing

Reduced risk of kinking and virtually noiseless for minimal patient disruption.

Secure Connections

Adjustable Tube Holder eliminates drag and works in tandem with the lanyard and crocodile clip in providing extra support.

Adjustable Tube Placement

Detachable smooth bore tube and plug so the tube can be comfortably placed on either side.

Split Headstrap Design

The easy to adjust wide elastic split strap provides a secure fit and increased patient comfort.

Swivel Connector with Grip

Easy connection and disconnection using the wings on the integrated swivel connector.

Reliable Delivery

Wider tube diameter delivers flows rates up to 60 l/min without increasing resistance for reliable, effective HAFOE.

Tracheostomy Interface

Ideal for spontaneously breathing patients weaning from ventilation.


032-10-160 Veoflo® High Flow Nasal Cannula Small 4mm 25
032-10-161 Veoflo® High Flow Nasal Cannula Medium 5mm 25
032-10-162 Veoflo® High Flow Nasal Cannula Large 6mm 25

Tracheostomy Interface

032-10-165 Veoflo® High Flow Tracheostomy Interface 25
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