Double Valve Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber


Flexicare’s Double Valve Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber is part of a complete system to actively warm and humidify inspired respiratory gases delivered to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support. The chamber is used in conjunction with a respiratory humidifier, breathing circuits and other accessories. 

Improved Responsiveness

The lower water capacity enables rapid achievement of optimum operating temperature and minimises fluctuations. 

Gas Flow Diverters

Flow diverters optimise gas flow through the chamber, maximising efficiency of warming and humidification of the gases.

Heat Transfer

Flat aluminium base for efficient, rapid and responsive water heating.

Highly Compatible 

22mm connectors allow compatibility with a wide range of ventilator circuits.

Clear Construction

Transparent construction, red floating fill indicator and clear markings for quick and easy monitoring of the water level.

Overfill Protection

Flexicare’s Double Valve Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber features two independent floats and a primary and a secondary seal to regulate the flow of water into the chamber and provide assured protection against overfilling.

038 31 742 OpenValve

Open Valve

Valve opens to allow sterile water to fill the chamber.

038 31 742 OpenValve

Primary Valve 

When normal operating level is reached, the primary float shuts off the water flow.

038 31 742 SecondaryValve

Secondary Valve 

To protect against overfill, should the primary valve fail, the independent secondary valve prevents any further water entry.


038-31-742 Double Valve Auto-Fill Humidification Chamber - Sterile 20
038-31-750 Manual Fill Humidification Chamber - Sterile 20