FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier


The FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier is part of a complete system to provide warmed and humidified inspired respiratory gases to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support.

Fully automatic for simple and rapid set-up, the FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier has many advanced features, including preset default temperatures, a selectable temperature display, alarm panel with location indicators and a range of safety features. Suitable for Invasive or Non-Invasive Ventilation and Heated or Non-Heated Wire Breathing Systems.

Misconnection Prevention

Easy-connect heated wire and temperature probe sockets of different design ensure correct connection.

Multi-Function Display

Clear easy-to-read LED Display with the option to check Airway, Chamber or Heater Plate Temperature, or hold on a preferred parameter.

Alarm Indicator

Clear, colour coded visual identification of fault source for quick clinical resolution.

LED Indicators

Clear visual indication of functions and alarms.

Positive Connection

Heater Plate with spring loaded locking mechanism for secure placement of humidification chamber.

For optimal function and patient safety, the FL-9000 should only be used with breathing circuits, humidification chambers and other accessories that have been approved by Flexicare. Please refer to the FL-9000 Respiratory Humidifier Operating Manual for further information on the technical specification, set-up and usage.


FL9000 Respiratory Humidifier UK 230V with 3 Pin Plug 1
FL9000EU Respiratory Humidifier Europe 230V with 2 Pin Plug 1
FL9000AUS Respiratory Humidifier Australia 230V with 3 Pin Plug 1
FL9000CH Respiratory Humidifier China 220V with 3 Pin Plug 1
FL9000 INDIA Respiratory Humidifier India 230V with 3 Pin Plug 1
FL9000CL Respiratory Humidifier Chile   1
FL90000THA Respiratory Humidifier Thailand   1


FL9000-01 Single Heated Wire Humidifier Adapter Lead   1
FL9000-02 Dual Heated Wire Humidifier Adapter Lead   1
FL9000-03 Humidifier Temperature Probe Lead (1.5m)   1

Mounting Accessories

FL2000-01 Mounting Accessory  Pole Clamp (30-50mm)   1
FL2000-02 Mounting Accessory C-Clamp (19-40mm)   1
FL2000-03 Mounting Accessory Wall Bracket   1
FL2000-04 Mounting Accessory Rail Bracket   1
FL2000-05 Mounting Accessory  Offset Rail Bracket   1