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With over 40 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of medical devices, Flexicare has developed a world class reputation.

Flexicare is a privately owned, leading manufacturer and supplier of medical devices with over 40 years of experience in the healthcare sector.

Headquartered in the UK, Flexicare is a major supplier to the NHS and private institutions in the UK, as well as having an international presence in over 105 countries through its appointed distributors and supported by its own subsidiaries in the US, Australia, China, Europe, India, Korea, Middle East, and Malaysia.

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Flexicare is strongly committed to advanced design, product development and new manufacturing techniques. This supports continuous product innovation and provides a fast response to current and future market needs.

Flexicare works with leading Universities, Teaching Hospitals and Clinicians to develop ground-breaking products that advance the delivery of patient care and improve patient safety. Through an understanding of the needs of health care providers, their patients, the challenges they face, and changing demands of delivering care, Flexicare’s innovative partnership approach delivers solutions that make a real difference.

The experienced in-house Research & Development team, supported by skilled Engineers and Designers using the latest product development and manufacturing techniques, guide projects from concept through to clinical use. Even then the development does not stop, with post market surveillance and customer experience feeding back into continual product improvement and refinement.


Our own in-house Design and Development Department works closely with Clinicians and Universities to create new and innovative products to meet the demands of improving patient care.

Being an independent and privately owned company, our status enables us to be selective in the products we design, manufacture and distribute. From its roots in contract manufacturing, Flexicare has built a world class reputation, and continues its plans for expansion, providing local knowledge and support for its customers.

Flexicare’s modern manufacturing facility means close control of all parts of the development process, from rigorous testing of materials and rapid prototyping, through to the latest production processes that deliver high quality innovative medical devices for clinicians to use.

Flexicare is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2045. Click to view our Carbon Reduction Plan.

Customer Care

Our Customer Services Team is available to respond to your enquiries, provide information regarding our product range and discuss your requirements. Click here to contact us.

With a reputation for quality, service and value, Flexicare has developed many long standing partnerships internationally, with both local and globally established healthcare companies that are able to provide the same standards of customer commitment and care for which Flexicare is recognised.


Our global presence is supported through subsidiaries based in key markets such as the USA, India, Middle East, Far East, Australia and Japan. Keeping up to date with the latest techniques and product requirements from around the world, allows us to share that knowledge with all of our customers for best practice and improved patient outcomes.

Flexicare Medical Limited meets the requirements of Quality Systems Standards ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 and European Council Directive 93/42/EEC, and is registered with the US FDA, Health Canada, and Japan’s Pharmaceuticals Medical Devices Agency, amongst others.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

As a global supplier of single-use medical devices, we are committed to implementing ISO 14001 Environmental Standard in 2022. Due to the usage of our products in hospitals, we are unable to recycle many of our products due to cross contamination, but where possible, we are working on making change to reduce the Environmental impacts.

If, you would like to have a copy of Environmental Policy, please contact our Quality Department..

Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS)

The NHS Supply Chain is committed to ethical procurement and since 2012 has operated the LSAS, a framework designed to reduce the incidence of labour standards abuses (child labour, workers rights etc) in the medical supply industry. All companies that supply to the NHS Supply Chain are required to comply with the LSAS.

As a supplier to the NHS Supply Chain, we hold Level 3 accreditation and are audited annually by SGS United Kingdom Limited (an accredited NHS Supply Chain auditor).

If, you would like to have a copy of Our Ethical Policy, please contact our Quality Department.

Supplier Whistleblowing Policy

We recognise that effective and honest communication is essential. Our Supplier Whistleblowing Policy (below) provides guidance to anybody who wishes to raise a concern regarding any of our Suppliers or Contractors.

If you have any concerns that one of our Suppliers or Contractors may have breached any of their local legal, regulatory or LSAS obligations with regards to, for example, labour standard requirements (such as underage workers, poor facilities, Health and Safety concerns, working hours etc.) please immediately report those concerns to us at: whistleblowing@flexicare.com.

We would be grateful if you could include in that email the following information:

Supplier’s Trading Name or Company Name;
Supplier’s Address;
Details of the event(s) that caused concern (please attached photographs if applicable / available)

We take our ethical responsibilities seriously and will investigate each reported concern. We will acknowledge all reported concerns within 5 working days of receipt and endeavour to notify you on completion of our investigation. Whilst we may not be able to inform you of any specific details, we will endeavour to inform you if any action has been taken.

Please note that whilst we will treat all information received in the strictest confidence, it may be necessary to disclose, in addition to the information received, your details to the relevant authorities. To the extent permitted we will endeavour to inform you prior to any such disclosure. In such event the relevant authorities may contact you directly to discuss the matter further.


Our Brands
& Acquisitions

Flexicare Group has welcomed new brands into our portfolio including Medisize, WyCath and Neoforce.