Coronavirus Control

In order to aid the fight against COVID-19 and prepare for upcoming seasonal viruses, we have highlighted the most relevant products from Flexicare’s expansive portfolio to promote protection and successful clinical outcomes – protecting patients, clinicians and the hospital environment.

For more information and ordering, please contact your local representative, from our Contact page.

Bacterial Viral Breathing Filters

Flexicare offer a range of effective Bacterial/Viral Breathing Filters, as well as Heat and Moisture Exchange filters that offer effective humidification.


Simple to operate with intuitive controls and easy to select functions, the FL-9000U respiratory humidifier offers a complete solution to provide warmed and humidified inspired respiratory gases to ventilated patients and those receiving respiratory support.

High Flow Nasal Cannulas

High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) offer many advantages when used in conjunction with humidification, including accurate delivery of high FiO2 and optimised mucociliary clearance, while increasing alveoli recruitment in a technique that offers improved patient comfort and compliance.

Endotracheal Tubes

As well as Standard and Uncuffed Endotracheal Tubes, Flexicare have VentiSeal, a high volume low pressure cuff, with a thin ultra-smooth cuff wall that conforms to the tracheal contours for an effective seal.


Choose between single-use solutions such as BritePro Solo, which has an extensive range of speciality blades, or BritePro Omni, with the blade and handle as one integrated unit for instant intubation.

Flexicare also offer reusable conventional and fiber-optic laryngoscopes. 

Dual Nasal Cannulas and Masks

Simultaneous oxygen delivery and EtCO2 sampling for sidestream or Microstream™ CO2 monitoring. During exhalation, oxygen flow is diverted away for an accurate and reliable capnography trace.

Anesthesia Face Masks

Flexicare offers a complete range of single-use Anesthesia Masks made with crystal clear construction, giving clinicians good visual observation of the patient’s status.

22mm and 15mm connectors ensure compatibility with all standard catheter mounts and breathing systems.
Can also be used with Breathing Filters.

MaxiNeb Duo

MaxiNeb® Duo is a high performing, dual mode nebulizer which provides the clinician and patient with the ability to instantly switch between patient controlled or continuous treatment, improving patient comfort, increasing caregiver and surrounding environment safety and reducing wasted medicine.


HepaShield pleated hydrophobic bacterial/viral mechanical filters minimize flow resistance and maximize surface area for superior filtration efficiency.