Pocket Resuscitation Mask

Pocket Resuscitation Mask

Durable Carry Case

Protects the mask until required – easy open release catch to minimise any delay.

Oxygen Port with Cap

Port for delivery of supplemental oxygen. Avoids the need to change mask during transportation.

Non-return Valve

One-way valve prevents vomit or other body fluids reaching the user, but allows exhaled breath to escape

Pre-filled Cushion

Pre-filled for immediate use, the soft mask cushion has a valve to adjust the seal if required.

BVM Compatible

Standard connector for fitting to a Manual Resuscitator if required.

Integrated Bacterial / Viral Filter

Protects both patient and user from cross-contamination.


One size for Adults, Children and Infants.

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Pocket Resuscitation First Aid Mask

Allows connection of oxygen if required with no need to change mask during transportation.